Omega Test Technologies’ XperTest™ software represents a versatile integrated environment for test program development and debugging. All our test systems are run under XperTest™ which helps Users to easily migrate from one tester model to another.

 “Straight out of the box”

XperTest™ software provides the complete set of necessary tools and test libraries “straight out of the box” enabling a User to rapidly and easily develop and debug a test program.

Additional flexibility for specific test tasks

In special cases a User is free to develop his own libraries on the basis of Microsoft Visual Studio C# programming language. We value and trust our Customers; our source codes are open for them.

Zero efforts to go parallel

Having a true parallel architecture XperTest™ allows a User to convert a single-site test program to a multi-site one with just a few clicks.

Efficient test data analysis with Microsoft tools

XperTest™ generates and processes test data with the help of well-known Microsoft tools – Access, Excel and SQL server.